How to Apply for Real Rewards?

HalalBiz Real Rewards (HRR) is a marketing program that offers you to earn money by sharing our products with your audience on social media, your own blog, or your website. We generate, manage and share trackable URLs of our products that contain your ID as well.

Whenever anybody clicks those links and purchases that product, you earn 10% of that purchase. Through an automated system, we know immediately who purchased the product from your link. This is how you earn money without investment.

You can earn a lot of money by marketing our products in the way mentioned above. When you submit the following form after filling it up, you agree with these terms and conditions. Copy and paste ‘HalalBiz Real Rewards’ in the Subject section below.

We shall email you at the address you provide in the form with detailed guidelines regarding sharing the product links. We shall also ask you about the payment method of your earned revenue. You can decide how you want to get paid.